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Hey There! I'm honored you're here and grateful to "meet" you! Let me share a bit about who I am and the different roles I play in helping individuals, teams, and organizations make the necessary shifts to fulfill purpose and execute vision. As a self-taught artist, I tend to bring arts & creativity into my processes and strategies because well, it's just powerful! Creativity has the ability to facilitate healing for individuals the creation of efficient systems in organizations, and the development of transformational unifying collaborations in communities.

As a creative community consultant:  I help establish unity & belonging in communities through collaborative efforts that center around art infused projects. I believe creatives are needed in every sector of society to bring transformation to culture. I created Mosaic Leadership to assist Christian organizations and community leaders in developing  organizational culture that empowers leaders & teams to operate at optimal capacity. Working with me, my clients refine their goals & align their programs toward those goals, understand their organizational culture (and adjust, if needed), focus on leadership empowerment & team cohesiveness, identify potential community partners, & establish methods of community collaboration.

As a creative life purpose coach:  I help my clients build self-awareness, confidence, clear direction and understanding of purpose as they strategize the necessary steps to execute the vision for their idea, dream, or life as a whole. Working with me, my clients are able to get unstuck and shift from frustration & overwhelm to freedom, joy, and abundant living.
As a creative soul care advocate: I am passionate about creating room for women leaders, healers, & creatives to have safe spaces of refuge & community to fill themselves up so they are able to show up whole & confidently for the people they're called to serve. I do this through challenges, retreats, & a membership community.

                                       I have a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership & Dual Master's Degrees in Counseling & Communication all from Regent University

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