Coaching with Nicole

  Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and fearful about
your dreams & ideas? 

Fast track your way to living a life you love where you are free to use your creative gifts to make the impact you desire
& the money you deserve.

   It starts with a SHIFT!

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Feeling stuck in a job that doesn’t bring you life?
  • Have a business or ministry idea that you love to talk about but you just haven’t been able to move forward with?
  • Do you feel like you’re here for more, but can’t seem to put the pieces together?
  • You Have a Gazillion Ideas but No Clue How to Move Forward? 
  • You fear boxing yourself in with one idea & stifling your creative genius?
  • You Lack The Clarity & Focus to Move Forward?

I help you get unstuck and move past fear or rejection, confusion, and overwhelm that holds you back.

It’s time to shift into living out your creative life purpose.

You're Here Because You're Tired of Being Stuck
& You're Ready to Move Forward

  • I know what it's like to want more. I know what it's like to know you have so much more to offer. I know what it's like to want your life to look different but you lack clarity and direction.
  • I was stuck for years. I had no lack of fabulous ideas and dreams for my life but I couldn't seem to pull the trigger and make any of them stick. I was:
  •     Discouraged
  •     Overwhelmed
  •     Disappointed in myself & Disheartened by my life
In spite of the frustration, my ideas & dreams never left me. They      
kept me up at night. I day dreamed about them. But then...

I had a wake up call!

I literally crashed into a brick wall. (I don't suggest it!) I realized how precious life & time are. I recognized that if my dreams and ideas wouldn't leave me alone, there's a reason & it was time to make some decisions & I want to help you make some powerful decisions.

After I hit that wall, I took time to recover, not only from my physical injuries but also from my wounded heart that had been beaten up by struggle, overwhelm, and disappointment. I realized that life is short & time is precious. I had to stop going in circles and doing the same things over and over expecting different results!

I took time to get clear about why I'm here & what I'm called to do & how I want to show up in the world. I decided I will no longer shrink and that it was time for my life to shine & leave the mark I was created to leave on the world.

One of the ways I leave my mark is by helping women just like you overcome the obstacles keeping them from moving forward into living the life they see in their dreams. Are you ready to get unstuck?

Decide to Honor Your Ideas
Decide to Honor Your Dreams
Decide to Honor the Woman You're Created to Be


 Time is precious! You are worth the effort & investment it takes to SHIFT forward.
As a Creative Life Purpose Coach, I am here to help you make the necessary SHIFTs
 to move you forward into a purposeful abundant life.

Together We Will

What People Are Saying About Working with Nicole...

After working with Nicole, I have a lot more clarity about my direction. Nicole helped me make consistent progress rather feeling down & depressed. She helped me to face heart issues & insecurities that were holding me back while bringing clarity to my purpose. I am more strategic & action focused instead of scattered & confused. Thanks Nicole.

~Markita V.

Nicole is a "go to girl!" She never uses textbook stuff on me & won't put me in a certain category. Nicole's words come from what God has put in her heart to say in the moment & that's important to me. She sometimes tells me things I don't want to hear but it's always to guide me to be a better me. Nicole's heart is to care for others. Nicole, thank you beyond measure for your help over the years.

~Jessica S.

Working with Nicole gave me confidence!  She helped me look at myself in a whole new light and gave me momentum to get unstuck! Nicole's coaching helped me see the dreams & ideas that flooded my head & sometimes made me sad in a way of possibility & potential that I could keep building on. She helped me create a consistent way forward personally & professionally.

~Lisa G.

You're Here Because You're Ready to SHIFT

Create A SHIFT

3 One-on-One Coaching Sessions
designed to identify your roadblocks & create a momentum of change with a sense of clarity & ease.

  • Customized Coaching
  • Mindset work with assignments
  • Accountability check-ins 


6 One-on-One Coaching Sessions
designed to identify your roadblocks,  create a momentum of change & chart a clear direction.

  • Customized Coaching Sessions
  • Mindset work with assignments
  • Accountability check-ins 
  • Up to two email support sessions available in between sessions
  • Strategic Goal-Setting

The SHIFT Immersive

12 One-on-One Coaching Sessions
designed to identify your roadblocks, create a momentum of change & chart a clear direction.

  • Customized Coaching
  • Mindset work with assignments
  • Accountability check-ins 
  • Unlimited Marco Polo/Email support in between sessions
  • Strategic Goal-Setting
  • Detailed strategic life plan
  • Mystery Bonus Gift

Common Concerns

Will this work for me? How do I know I'll get results?

My promise to you is that I will work with you to uncover the path you need to SHIFT you into living a life of purpose on purpose. I will encourage you, show up consistently, hold you accountable to what you desire to do.

Coach/Client relationships are collaborative. You are the starter in your game of life and as your coach, my job is to help you use your
skills, gifts, & talents to maximize your potential.

  • Coaching works when you work it
  • Coaching works when you are honest with yourself about where you are, where you want to go, & what you're willing to do to get there
  • Coaching works when you consistently show up for yourself
  • Coaching works when you are ready to move forward and SHIFT mindsets & actions.

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You're nervous about investing. I know it can be scary but It's time to SHIFT! Dream with me for a moment...

IMAGINE how MOTIVATED you will feel when you have CLARITY.  IMAGINE how AMAZING you will feel when you realize it's not too late.

IMAGINE how PEACEFUL you will feel when you have clearly laid out steps to follow to reach your goals & you actually BELIEVE you can do it!

IMAGINE how HOPEFUL you will be when you recognize infinite possibilities & learn how to overcome apparent obstacles.

YOU ARE WORTHY of the investment! Creating a Life of Purpose that You Love is the goal!

           It's TIME TO

“Shift Your Thinking
  Shift Your World”